Jan. 26th, 2009

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FBI records have been received, we're back from our trip to the USA, and now it's time to send in Nick's immigration application. Forms are complete (and have been for some time) and the only things we need are the photos and statement letters to support our relationship. The more, the better!!!!!

Nick is applying within "family class" for permanent residency. The statement letters basically need to support our common law relationship. They do not need to be notarized (though if you're a notary, I can't see the harm in mentioning it ;)). Some of you have sent me copies of what you'd written, but I need those signed by you. Some of you have offered to write something, but weren't sure exactly what to say.

They can be short or long, but need to include the following information:

How you know us: If you met one of us first, then when the other became a visible part of our lives.

How you know we're a couple: (things we've done as a family, homes we've lived in together, parties you've seen us at together, etc.)

That's pretty much it.

Dates you may want to have as reference:

Nick and I started dating in October of 2005
We moved into our apartment at Erskine Ave. in February of '07
We moved in here in March of '08

We need as many of these as we can possibly get, so if you could spare 5 minutes to dash one off, it'd really really be appreciated. You can fax SIGNED letters to Nick at 416-535-3129 Make sure they're labelled Attn: Nick Dziedzic.

Lisa's letter, for reference )


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