Apr. 7th, 2009

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Even if it wasn't autism awareness month, I'd be currently up to my armpits in austism issues. While B. is doing much better at this school that at the last, he's still not thriving. He's still stressed out and crying every couple of weeks, he's still just barely keeping his head above a water line which is rising very quickly. A lot is expected in the last couple years of elementary school. Year after next, he'll be in Junior High. Remember Junior High y'all? He is nowhere NEAR ready for that kind of pressure.

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What do you do to educate a kid who's such an array of contradictions? We're becoming painfully aware that even with a cooperative, helpful public school and a spectacular teacher, the public school system just doesn't have a place for him. Private schools for special needs kids don't seem quite right, either. I'm a fan of integration, and he's atypical even for an Aspie.

We're looking into Alpha 2 for grade seven. We're looking at gifted classes in public school which specifically welcome Aspies (apparently, they're out there, though we haven't been able to find them on our own), we're looking at a year or two of homeschooling, to work one on one with some of the things that need more work than others. We have way more questions than answers.

The internet is a fabulous resource, but it's also confusing. You have everyone from the Indigo Children theorists to Autism Speaks, which both seem to be so far in denial of the needs of the autistic children and adults who are walking this planet right now that their effect is pretty much the same, even if their goals are vastly different. There's the neurodiversity movement, within which there's people who are for symptom specific treatment and people who are strongly against treatment. There's the brain plasticity people and the adapted programming people. There's the vaccine and diet people and the SSRI's and stimulants people. And noone fits perfectly into any one of these groups. Most people come up with a mishmash of therapies and treatments and adapted programs and understanding that works for their family. And that's great, but doesn't help me to figure out where to go from here.

And everywhere, EVERYWHERE, someone wants to sell us something that will help, a cure, a treatment, a 46 and a half step program, a tutoring service, advocacy services by the hour, chelation therapy, Arrowhead, SonRise, Fast ForWord, IBI, ABA...the list goes on and on and on...

I'm just fried.


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