Apr. 21st, 2009

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Today, thanks to a comment in the Slate article: The Hawthorne Effect, Why Parents Swear by Ineffective Treatments for Autism, I've become aware of the Association for Science in Autism Treatment.

Where, where, WHERE has this association been all my son's life? (apparently they were formed the same year he was born)

From the website: ASAT is a not-for-profit organization of parents and professionals committed to improving the education, treatment, and care of people with autism. Since autism was first identified, there has been a long history of failed treatments and fads, levied on vulnerable individuals as well as on their families. From the scandal of the “refrigerator mother” theory, to the ongoing parade of “miracle cures” and “magical breakthroughs”, history has been dominated by improbable theories about causation and treatments. Many of these treatments have been too quickly adopted by professionals, too readily sensationalized by the media, and too hastily embraced by hopeful consumers – well before supporting evidence or reasonable probability existed for their effectiveness or safety. Since ASAT was established in 1998, it has been our goal to work toward adopting higher standards of accountability for the care, education and treatment of all individuals with autism.

One section lists each treatment out there, and then summarizes the research and provides links to the studies. Brilliant!


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