Jun. 3rd, 2009

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 So in our struggles to find an appropriate placement for our son (whose educational needs are complex), it's come to my attention just how damn complicated it is to find placement for kids in the new TDSB. 

When I was in school, everyone was tested routinely for "gifted" placement in grade three, and those who qualified were offered spots for grade four. I know that currently, gifted placement starts in grade four, still, but I don't know if they routinely test for that placement in grade three, or if I have to request an IPRC (and when to request that for gd 4 entry) to get my daughter tested.

My daughter is a much more straightforwardly bright child. I think she might qualify for gifted placement at the grade four level. Her grades are solid B's (which isn't fabulous) but I have the VERY distinct impression that she's coasting, capable of FAR more and in general, would be a more successful, less bored, student if she felt more challenged. She will be entering grade 3 next year, and so it occurs to me that now might be the perfect time to find out about this.

Also: does the TDSB offer french immersion gifted classes? She's currently in french immersion and we'd have to do hard thinking if we had to choose between one or the other.



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