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Your result for The Useful Relationship Skills Test...

Love Guru

98% Knowledgeable!

Wow, um, OK, sheesh... you sure know your relationship onions. And, speaking of onions, you're aware that people are very complex, with many layers and hidden motivations: an outburst is generally a cry for help, speaking of a universal need to be loved. Your partner fussing over you is not a sign of your incapability, but their care. An action may have more nuance and meaning for both parties... you know better than to be taken in by mere surfaces.

I'm guessing you're the type of person who can see beyond the superficial, and have a depth of understanding for how people work. Play your winners: develop this awareness... don't stop at this online quiz.

At the end of the day, it's one thing to ace a test & "get the answers right" in some abstract forum, and quite another to put into practice, by word and deed, those actions and attitudes which show another human being how much we understand and care about them.

Our capacity for loving-kindness, intimacy, and change is infinite. Being well-developed in the art of human relations will hold our partners close to us, fulfilling our lives and filling our days with good memories. Our health & happiness depend on it.

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